For patients

Advice for patients who have been prescribed an AAI.

Use your AAI without delay if anaphylaxis is suspected, even if you doubt its severity. Signs may include swelling in the throat or tongue, wheezing or breathing difficulty, dizziness, tiredness, and confusion.

  • immediately dial 999 and ask for emergency medical help after using your AAI; say anaphylaxis (“ana-fill-axis”)
  • if you are not already lying down, lie down flat and raise your legs (if you are pregnant, lie on your left side); this will assist blood flow to the heart and vital organs
  • stay lying down even if you feel better
  • if you struggle to breathe, you can gently sit up – do not change position suddenly; you should then lie down again as soon as you can
  • do not stand up even if someone encourages you to
  • use your second AAI if you have not improved after 5 minutes
  • you should always carry two AAIs; check the expiry dates and contact your GP if you need a replacement
  • report any suspected defective AAIs to the Yellow Card scheme. Keep defective AAIs for investigation. Your report improves the safety of medicines and medical devices.